Eninov offers product development services for diverse domains of multimedia, networking, telecommunications and embedded systems. The team has worked for and in collaboration on different start up projects and existing projects of companies alike Motorola, Microsoft, Alcatel-Lucent and others.


Eninov has competence to design software and hardware, engineer products and offer solutions for applications of industrial automation, security, hand held devices, automotive, multimedia communication, networking and wireless communication. Our team holds experience in the agile methodologies of different interfaces. Our team has a years of engineering experience in SS7, BICC, GSM/GPRS/UMTS Protocol stacks, Media-Gateway, VoIP Server development of scalable Internet Servers for IPv4/IPv6.


Eninov Systems has its very own video streaming, video management and video analysis platforms and modules, which give our team members access to efficient portability across operating systems and allows to deliver qualitative solutions and products to the clients. Besides our tailored product engineering services, we offer maintenance, re-engineering and feature enhancement services to existing product lines of our clients.


Conferencing application

SIP, RTP and alike protocol stacks

X Scale and MIPS based SOCs and ATOM Processor

Multimedia codecs and video streaming,

Development of 3G NGN

Lawful Interception